Our strong points!

Audio-visual and multi-sensory communication is essential to convey precise messages efficiently and indelibly. It is used to accentuate the mechanisms of our emotions and memory. Throughout our company’s history we have widely experimented and our pioneering and visionary spirit have helped us reach important objectives. We are outright experts in video technology and we research and patent original ideas. Our aim is to simplify these solutions that optimize such complex technologies as rapidly as possible.

DCG Company offers its services in two macro areas:

  • Communicational projects using digital audio-video and sensorial technologies.
  • Events and interactive, multimedia installation

Making things simpler means having a careful planning strategy that optimizes the resources, so solutions are accessible to everyone. We talk to our clients about the quality, performance and organisation of our projects which enhance our desire to make new discoveries, with the curiosity of the spectators to obtain only the best results.

Measuring our efficiency



Augmented Reality


Immersive 360°


Interactive motion detection




Careful planning

It’s an almost maniacal aspect of our work…….to measure, perfect, make lifelike and real whatever emanates from our keyboard.

Method and Imagination

Our projects derive from the distinct ability of “lateral thinking” that enables us to use equipment to create new and incredibly unique experiences. A complete fusion of method and imagination.

We create the fairy tale

Everyone communicates and we form relationships by telling stories, there is no other way! And……….who wouldn’t want their very own story to be a “fairy tale” ?