Passionate Creativity

“Advancing day after day towards digital horizons with a child’s curiosity.” We are relentless in our research for new communication solutions driven by a passion to present unique sensorial experiences, never banal but always new.

Avanguarde Technology

We have always experimented with innovative solutions. DCG has registered numerous patents in the field of immersive video projection. ROOM 360°® is our flagship and present at EXPO Milan 2015 in Pavilion Zero, inside the Landscape Hall.

Integrated Design

Our projects are a result of the hard work of a TEAM of professionals that unite their multifaceted experiences. As Pierluigi Mariano affirms: “I’m lucky to be the head of a group with such an amazing ability to provide solutions, innovate, communicate simply, efficiently and directly.”

Unforgettable Projects

Right now our key words are: Augmented Reality, Videomapping, Interactivity, Multi Video Projection, Digital Communication, 3D Animation, Holograms. We define our ability to merge various Sensory Experiences through the simultaneous use of these technologies as “SYNESTHESIA”.

"New things often ARISE that are stimulating and real, recreating the PASSION that we inject into everyday life. The eye PERCIEVES and the mind elaborates EXPERIENCES, memories, it associates sounds, smells, and IMAGINATION. A fine thread of command moves a hand. We are what we DIGIT. We are AVANTGUARDE in this Global Village where a DAY becomes an hour, a minute becomes an INSTANT."

− Davide Mari

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